Riding the Wave - by Jeremy Abernathy

Riding the Wave

To have gone into a session where you don’t really know what to expect, but to have left feeling exhausted. Is not something you are able to feel every day.  

When I use the word “exhausted” I don’t mean the same exhaustion you feel after going for a run. I’m referring more to the feeling of stretching your limits to gathering information that your brain knows not a single new piece of information can be taken in. Going into this session I was giving the analogy of a surfer - who sits on his board waiting for the right wave to slowly appear in the distance, who in that point in time takes the first move to align himself the right way, and begins his steps to makes sure he rides that wave, whether it be the best wave he’s ever ridden, or merely a flop. This is how I felt before this session. 

I was in the position of having this amazing opportunity to sit in on a training session with Lyssa, surrounded by colleagues/friends who were much further on their agile journey than I was. Now I could either, sit in the session and wonder what I was doing there the whole time, or I could take the most from every training exercise that was run. 

Observing Lyssa guide others through their difficulties and challenges was truly an eye-opening experience. Unlike many “coaches” who tend to feed participants with answers (which usually isn’t the right answer) Lyssa uses her wealth of knowledge to allow the participants to discover their own answers. Now she doesn’t do this using some mystical powers although at some points it felt like that, it’s accomplished by really understanding the roots/emotions behind the challenges that were being shared, simple questioning techniques to get individuals to open up was one of the big learning points I took from the day.  

I understand that Lyssa has years of experience, and has even done a lot of self-learning to be able to guide people through exercises at this level. However to see these techniques being used truly did expand my learning on how we can get people within a team/organisation to realise their own challenges, and how to help them through it. 

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Renae Craven

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Renae has over nine years of experience leading and coaching organisations through their transformation to an Agile mindset, including the establishment of roles, development of cross functional teams and improvement of supporting practices and principles. Renae has also affected organisational cultural change by coaching individuals to adapt to an agile mindset from an individual or fixed mindset.

Renae is a strong facilitator and is passionate about building Scrum delivery teams that can self-organise to achieve commitments and hold themselves accountable for all outcomes.